PhoneGap allows you to implement your mobile application into multiple platforms on a standardized web-based approach. PhoneGap uses cloud-based service which enables you to compile your web app that will create an app for every supported platform. PhoneGap mobile development framework is currently one of the few best smartphone development frameworks which will enable you to create a cross-platform application which can work on iPhone, Android, Windows among other platforms.

Macronimous, as a service company for mobile development in India, is a one-stop shop for all your mobile app needs and will provide you enterprise-grade mobile apps solutions. We build hybrid (cross-platform) mobile apps since Apache Cardova days, which is currently supported as Adobe PhoneGap.

Why Macronimous to Outsource PhoneGap Development?

  • At Macronimous, we are focused on developing mobile apps and you will get the best solution for your app at the best rates. Our team especially specializes in Outsource PhoneGap Development apart from other mobile platform apps such as Android and iOS app development.
  • The solution provided will be customized just for your needs and you will get a unique state-of-the-art solution. We have the expertise in not just PhoneGap, but will also be able to provide end-to-end deployment of your App along with the interface between the App and your internal backend system which is already in place so that you have a seamless communication.
  • Macronimous also specializes in providing enterprise web apps that will not only create a regular app with combined features of the app as well as the mobile features but will also provide a secure app which can be sold on app stores. They specialize in using the PhoneGap APIs to access the mobile device capabilities. They can provide a controlled web app that will go over and beyond a regular web app.
  • When you outsource your PhoneGap Development to Macronimous India, you can rest assured that you will get service of high quality and will not have to worry about anything so that you can focus on other important aspects of running your business successfully.
  • Reach us for Outsource PhoneGap Development and PhoneGap iPhone Development. We deliver effective solutions at very affordable prices!

PhoneGap: The Basics

PhoneGap also was known as Apache Cordova provides standardized web APIs to create mobile apps. This is open source software using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. It is not dependent on the mobile OS which means you do not have to maintain different code bases for each platform. The best feature of PhoneGap is that you can develop one mobile app and wrap it as a native app of the choice of your platform and deploy it as if it was written in the native app which will include the features of the native app as well.

Advantages of Using PhoneGap

  • It is a standards-based open architecture that enables cross-platform application development which can also be used for enterprise apps.
  • You can target all smartphones with a single code-base by utilizing a Foreign Function Interface to an integral WebView or Webkit on the device.
  • As PhoneGap is free, your overall cost of creating a mobile app will be much less than going in for OS-specific native applications.
  • You can take advantages of many of the devices built-in features and functionalities by using PhoneGap APIs.
  • The Apps that are developed using PhoneGap can be distributed via app stores.
  • You can have your own icon for the apps developed which will help in better banding of your apps.
  • With new phones flooding into the market, PhoneGap will be updated simultaneously accordingly to support all of them.
  • Post-deployment, your maintenance will also be easier and cheaper.

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Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Our rates are Reasonable and highly competitive. We work with various pricing models and flexible to work within your budget.

Proven Methodologies
Proven Methodologies

We use lightweight Agile Web development process emphasizing Feature Driven Development (FDD) which is flexible enough to meet changes in needs.

Unparallel Quality
Unparallel Quality

We have a separate QA team who works in parallel and independent of the development team with great UI, UX experience, and delivery plans.

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Skilled Developers

Certified and expert web and Mobile developers who pay attention to details, take deliverables seriously and work with great customer communication are our Strengths.

After development Support
After development Support

We provide FREE 30 days to 1 year,  after-development support, and continuous maintenance, upgrades and security updates. We also take maintenance and support for apps developed by other teams.

Scalable Apps
Scalable Apps

Keeping the need for changes in mind, we make the apps highly scalable. By choosing right technology platform, Database, App architecture, Servers we take care of your app always easy to scale up.