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ASP is Active Server Pages. ASP is an easy to learn Microsoft Scripting Technology for the web, which can help you to build interactive sites with back-end databases. It provides you to create a three-tier standard architecture website that can do whatever interaction you want in your site. You need to have your website hosted in a Windows NT/2000 server with MS Access or MS SQL server databases.
There are two ways with which you can bring ASP technology into your website. You can develop your own ASP Scripts or Setup the scripts developed by some third party developers. If you are a small business owner, trying to bring your global presence with low investment we would suggest you to find some free or low priced ASP scripts and set them up.

How can we help you?

If you are a non- programmer and a small business owner we can help you to setup any kind of ASP scripts with databases so that you can get the information from your website visitors and store/retrieve them from the database or send them to your Email box. Here are some examples of scripts, Poll, Quiz, Survey, Forum, Content Management, Daily News, Calendar, Feedback/request form, Site Search and more. Moreover we can use your templates for the scripts and fit the script into your look and feel so that the script pages will look like the other pages in your site.

What is the cost?

See down for the Script Costs and Installation fees for details. There are two way how we can determine the cost.

1. We find the exact script on your need and Setup them. You will pay for the script along with the setup cost.

2. You find and evaluate the script, purchase it and give us, and will setup it for you.

Since we operate from India we can do ASP Installation for very less cost in this slower economy. By outsourcing your ASP work to us, we do not only do a low-cost job, But also a highly reliable work. Moreover we can teach you to do what we do also. Here is our complete ASP Script Installation tutorial. You can learn and start installing your scripts.

Installation Charges:

You can contact us for more specific needs if any to [email protected] . We are waiting to serve you.


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