“Common Gateway Interface”, CGI for short, is a specification, which allows web users to run programs from their computer. CGI isn’t a programming language in itself; rather, it is standard that allows programs or scripts written in other languages (Perl, C++ or even with Microsoft Visual Basic) to be run over the Internet. CGI programs usually take input passed to it from a form on a web page, process the information, and then formats the results as a HTML document. The result is a web page that is generated dynamically. The common choice for writing and processing CGI is Perl, or “Practical Extraction and Reporting Language”. Perl was originally developed to handle multiple text files and format them nicely, but now is used for writing CGI along with HTML.

4.Where can I get a CGI script?
5.Where is my data Stored?
6.What kind of scripts do I need?
7. Selecting and evaluating a script!
8. Working with CGI templates
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