Making your small business web site dynamic

If you are running a small business with a simple web site, You would be really interested in making your web site dynamic and interactive and to lure your visitors back again and again. In your simple web site you may want some dynamic portions like a discussion forum where your visitor can post a question, a poll where people can vote and do many other things that make the site interesting and of course, dynamic.

There are some ways to achieve this, First just need to find a script that is being offered either for free, or at a price, and then download it from the author’s web site. You then upload it to your server, simple, Isn’t it?
Scripts come in many different formats. You can add a JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages, Java Applets, Java Beans, CGI and others. Some are free and some comes with a price for it, You can use them. In our case we will take CGI scripts for other scripts read my other article Technologies for the web – an overview

2. The client-side and the server-side
3. What is a CGI?
4. Where can I get a CGI script?
5. Where is my data Stored?
6. What kind of scripts do I need?
7. Selecting and evaluating a script!
8. Working with CGI templates
9. Start Installation now
10. Learn from Errors!
11. How can I help you?