In two ways you can make your site dynamic. One, with Java Scripts that can do some things, but they have limitations and can only work on the client- side. In other words, the user’s browser will interpret the JavaScript along with the HTML. Whereas CGI scripts will be interpreted the web will execute server where your whole web site resides, and the CGI there and only the HTML produced by the server will be sent to the user’s side. This mechanism is simply called server-side. Since it works from your server you can take control over the scripts, which are running by using other server files, Javascripts don’t access any of your other files, (for example you cannot access a database which is in your server). Javascripts are simply inserted into your HTML pages, which can be run by the browser. Java Scripts can also be used in the server-side but it is beyond the scope of this article.
Netscape browsers don’t support VBScripts and ActiveX, so most of the sites are not using them in the client-side. Other technologies like ASP or PHP can be used instead of CGI. ASP and PHP are lot easier than CGI so in another article I have explained how to use ASP scripts in your site. But ASP can be used only in a Windows-NT server and UNIX servers can’t support them. PHP needs much programming knowledge but it’s a good alternate for CGI, which is also beyond the scope. We can use Java applets, but speed would be a problem with Java applets since they are also client-side and there are some security concerns about Java applets. So, we prefer CGI scripts, though it’s not an easier one. We can look forward to some other technology, which can do better than all of these technologies in the future.
One main reason why we prefer CGI is they are free and it’s the ultimate choice for UNIX and Apache web servers.

3.What is a CGI?
4.Where can I get a CGI script?
5.Where is my data Stored?
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