By the time when you are completing this article you should be able to set-up your own CGI script to make your web site Dynamic. This is my complete guide, which teaches you from the scratch to everything on free CGI script installation. I have decided to write this complete guide after the success of my first article ‘CGI installation help!’ in the year 1999. Since technology has changed a lot over these years I have done the necessary updation and changed and added more new technical information that is needed to give you to understand further. I have covered installation guide for NT servers also in this article. Moreover I have made some more details simple. You may not need to read some portions of this article, just skip them; they could be very basics to you.
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Just learn some FTP, Telnet, Unix and other terms before starting any script installation. If you are a beginner I recommend you read the beginners central from Northern web.

1. Making your small business web site dynamic
2. The client-side and the server-side
3. What is a CGI?
4. Where can I get a CGI script?
5. Where is my data Stored?
6. What kind of scripts do I need?
7. Selecting and evaluating a script!
8. Working with CGI templates
9. Start Installation now
10. Learn from Errors!
11. How can I help you?

Enjoy CGI Installation.