POD1.0 is a full functional database driven ASP script developed by Macronimous.com. The script can be used to show your products one per day or to show a site per day dynamically from the database. Any no of products can be displayed automatically in a round-robin method. Is helps you to give your site a refreshed look.

The site can also be used to display person of the day, Quote of the day and so on.

The script is simple to install in any IIS/PWS server.

System requirements :

a. Windows NT workstation/95/98/2000Prof. with PWS
or Windows NT with IIS 4.0 or Windows 2000 with IIS 5.0
b. MS Access 97/2000

Features :

1. Can be used to display products/sites/quotes/people/joke/cartoons etc., – one per day.
2. Round-robin method to display products. Even if you have more than 7 products all products will be displayed. For example if you have if you have 10 products in the database, then all the 10 products will be displayed one-by-one for 10 days, then on the 11th day the first product will be displayed again.
3. Full customization with a HTML/ WYSIWYG editor
4. Easy to integrate in your existing web site within 10 minutes.
5. Simple to understand, even if you are a beginner in ASP.

Pricing :

Free to try. But we recommend you to pay a small fee $30, if you like the script. A portion of this fee will be sent to charities in India. Also we can help you to customize it in your web server if you pay.
Paid users will be sent all the enhancements and higher versions for free of cost.
Support will be given for a week, with free testing in your site.

Enhancement & Customization :

This script is a sample of our work and we can help you to customize or enhance this script as per your requirements. We an also configure it in your server. The fee to develop, customize and install is $5 per hour. Contact us for more details or mail us to enquiry@macronimous.com

Demo :

At present there is no demo for this application, due to some time factors. We will do it soon.

Download :

We do not disclose your Email IDs, we will send you a Mail, whenever we release an updated version of POD.

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