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Here is a simple tutorial on a Fireworks image effect technique. You might have seen or might have thought about creating a border around an image, and to make it little more catchy. There are many ways to do that but here, let us learn just two simple methods. Requirements: Fireworks MX, an image and few minutes of time.

Method I:

1. Open the image in which you want to add a border

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

2. Select the image first; In the Properties section select Effects >Shadow and Glow > Inner Glow

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

3. Set the properties for the inner glow effect as below,

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

You get the following effect which you want,

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

4. Here I have made another image with a drop shadow effect, which will give you a photo in a Photo album effect.

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

I have set the color as white, since the image is of dark colors. Now try it. :-)

Method II

1. Open a new image, set the canvas color black ( Or the border color which want to be around the image). I have selected the image size as 2 pixels more then the picture size. In my case this is 102 X 153 in my case.

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

2. Import the picture by File > Import, this image size is 100 X 151, Place the image at the exact center of the image.

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

Now, :-) , You get the border. The Final Image is here,

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks

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There are many other methods, write to me at [email protected] if you have some better ones. I can add them here with credits.
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