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Ever tried to create a text and bend it in Fireworks? Here is the one which you may want to do:

Bending text effect with Fireworks

1. Draw a circle using ellipse tool and type the text which you want to bend. In this article we are going to make circled text.

Bending text effect with Fireworks

2. Select both the text and the circle as above. Then, got to Text> Attach to path.

3. Now you can find the text immediately transferred as a circled text.

4. Now let us just rotate the circled text to get in the way we want. Click on the image and select the Scale tool. You can rotate in and position the image.

Bending text effect with Fireworks

Cool. You got the image as you saw first. You can also do bended text with other shapes tlike rounded rectangle tool, polygon tool and rectangle tool.


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