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Once any project is outsourced to Macronimous, we value your consciousness and concern about the safety and security of their personal details. This is quite natural from the point of view of the parent company as anyone would definitely be interested in one's personal details to be safeguarded anytime.

Macronimous understands this and respects its clients' privacy. For this, the company has chalked out various safety and security means that ensure that the private details of the clients are not leaked out at all. This gives a great sense of security among our clients that their data has reached safe hands. The identity of the client is not given out to anyone, unless it is accepted and agreed by the client.

For this reason, the company urges its clients to sign certain privacy related papers that create a sense of confidence and safety in the minds of the clients.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This is a very important and more often used legal agreement wherein it's mentioned very clearly that all the data belongs to the client and it should not be shared or used by any third party. This is a legally abiding agreement and so holds complete safety for the clients. We always encourage clients to enter into an NDA with us. This is usually done in the beginning of the project.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This agreement has a list of all the levels of services that are agreed upon between the clients and us. This clearly states about the common understanding on the project, the responsibilities involved, the priorities etc. This is a very clear way of chalking out the various legal issues in the relationship between the clients and us.

Infrastructure and security of information

There is high security importance given from the infrastructure point of view as well. Below mentioned are a few of the steps taken to ensure security in the office premises.

  • The office premises can be entered inside by anyone only with the help of an automated access card.
  • All the systems are locked before leaving unattended, even if it means for a second.
  • Single access is given per person along with a single sign on facility.
  • All the employees sign Data Protection and Non Disclosure acts.
  • Secured emails are provided to all the employees.
  • Workstations are completely taken care of by Anti-Virus software that is very effective and tested.
  • A back up manager, all resources available Online, periodic auditing procedures in place to check any unforeseen circumstance, are available, to be thoroughly sure of security.

Employment Credibility

It is very important to prove the trustworthiness and past history of the employees. This is taken care of very keenly while employing the employee in the company. Also once a project has been allocated to the employees, they sign a legal security document that the data would not be shared with anyone else.

Security being one of the main issues of concern, is definitely a very important factor to be noted. With more and more clients trusting us and coming to us, it is our duty to safeguard their interests and information. We have many same clients of ours coming back to us with new projects due to the trust that they have on us. This speaks volumes of our trustworthiness and reliability factors!

Credit cards

We accept payments through third-party payment processors and PayPal, But we do NOT accept or store credit card details directly from our website.

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