We have 5 convenient made different pricing models for the web and mobile development for you to choose based on the size, budget, and requirements of the project. Feel free to write us if you have questions to [email protected]

1. Fixed Cost

“The scope of my project is specific, can you suggest the perfect price for my project”

A Fixed Cost Model is best suited for a client like you with well-defined scope and Software Requirement Specification that outlines specific requirements, schedules and a project path. In this model, the project is executed under a mutual agreement between you and the company for a fixed time at a fixed pre-negotiable cost in terms of hours.

2. Time and Material based Model

“My project doesn’t have any fixed scope software requirement specifications yet.  What model is the best fit for me?” 

A Time and Material based Model is a suitable model for projects with dynamic requirements, where the Scope, Specification, and Implementation plans are not specific at the initial stage of development. This model is preferably used for long-term projects that are prone to design changes midstream due to changing market trends or other reasons. The company will provide you a rough estimate of the project, where the cost factor depends upon the hourly duration of the project.

3. Utilization Based billing

“I have a general idea of my project, but I don’t have a proper specification or requirement – which pricing model is right for my requirements?”

We provide 2 different options under Utilization Based Billing:

i. Hourly Based:

An Hourly package-based model could work for you. It is based on the duration, or the hours worked on your project and doesn’t have any estimated time constraint or fixed cost. Your project will undergo all the stages of analysis, design, development, and implementation and after the completion, we charge you fixed cost according to the number of hours worked on the project

ii. Prepaid Packages Based:

A Prepaid Packages based model is different from the hourly-based model in that you make a payment to the company at the commencement of the project for a certain amount of estimated hours. If the project exceeds the planned hours, then you’ll just pay an amount for the extra hours and if the project is completed before the estimated time, we will refund you the excess amount in terms of hours.

4. Full-Time Team Model (Staff Augmentation)

“My requirement is “A dedicated person to handle my project giving out the best – do you have any suitable resource model”

A Full-Time Team based model can satisfy your requirements. It is an agreement or contract for a period of time between you and the company, allotting a particular person(s) to the project. Each and every step of the project, starting from the analysis stage to the implementation stage is carried out by that particular person or team for a period of time under a fixed cost calculated in hours. Click here to see how our Dedicated PHP developer model works.

5. Mixed Mode Model

“I have a project with specific requirements for certain modules, but some are vague – Do you have a cost model that suits me?” 

A Mixed Mode model gives you the right solution; it is a combination of both Fixed Cost Model and Time & Material Based Model. The project execution includes cost linked with time, effort, skills and expertise.

A project with a mixed mode model will have combined specifications of both the models. The Time & Material based model can be used in modules where you don’t yet have specific requirements. Similarly, Fixed Cost model can be adopted for the modules that have a complete project scope and specification and the costs are fixed for the modules in terms of the specifications and the hours worked.

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