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In this resource section Macronimous Inc offers you the tutorials that can teach you technologies that can be used in your web sites or web based applications. Even if you are a non-programmer with these step-by-step guides you can learn with no cost. This page will be updated with tutorials for the visitor who keeps an eye on technical changes.

  • Setting up CGI and interactivity to your small business website -A Tutorial
    This is my complete guide, which teaches you from the scratch on CGI script installation. I have decided to write this complete guide after the success of my first article 'CGI installation help!' in the year 1999. Since technology has changed a lot over these years I have done the necessary updation and changed and added more new technical information that is needed to give you to understand further. I have covered with some case studies and installation guide for NT servers.- Benny Alexander (Author)
  • Active Server Pages Installation Tutorial
    There are number of free and low cost ASP scripts are available in the market which can make your site dynamic and can hold your data on a database. My aim in this article is to give the basic and necessary knowledge on ASP script customization and basics on databases even for a non-programmer.-Benny Alexander (Author)